Improving the Astronomy in Schools

     Astronomy is the most interdisciplinary science, covering topics from physics to biology to chemistry, math to language to history. It is in our various world cultures, from the calendar to myths to todayís modern technology.  Keplerís 17-th century laws of planetary motion govern GPS and communication satellites and your remoteís infrared light was discovered by William Herschel, the discoverer of Uranus.

     In addition, astronomy is the rare science that even non-professionals can make a contribution, it can be a lifelong hobby, and students always love to do things involving astronomy even in other classes and lessons.

     Why should you be teaching astronomy?

  • Knowledge of astronomy will help you understand more about science works.
  • It is in virtually every state standards, somewhere, and especially in the K-8 grades.  
  • It is part of every national standard, bookmark, and strongly present in the Earth Science and Physics areas of the Next Generation Science Standards
  • It will be tested in many state-level tests and science tests for college admission; if you don't teach astronomy, who will?
  • Astronomy is THE science that can capture and inspire nearly every childís interest and imagination.

      Even if astronomy isnít in your particular grade or course standards, it CAN be incorporated, to make students spark!

    The To Teach The Stars Workshops are tailored to your standards and teachers' needs of what they want to learn, or know better.  They are extremely interactive and hands-on, with topics taught in a way that teachers can model.  We use single-person and team activities, modeling, inquiry, empirical and observation methods, and NGSS practices, among many other pedagogical techniques.  And we've been teaching this stuff for a long time!

     We do in-service and pre-service training, we work with school children groups, and public outreach.  We offer an occasional teacher-oriented tour and, locally, we offer services to classes and home-schools.

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